Game Development as PROJECT LEAD

Being given the opportunity to work on various indie-games has instilled in me a new found excitement when it comes to working together with a team and building an enjoyable video game experience from the ground up. Because of this, I have begun to create my own indie titles for release - creating an idea, working on it and its various aspects, and finding team members to help bring my concepts to life in the best manner possible. The best kind of work is the kind done together with like-minded individuals. Below is a collection of the in-progress titles my team and I have been working on.

Werble-28A85AD3B (1).gif

The Truth Hurts

The Truth Hurts” is a 2D Visual Novel Slasher that draws inspiration from classic horror mysteries like the “Scream” and “SleepyAway Camp” franchises.

“In the town of RedRidge, California, the arrival of a group of exchange students is overshadowed by the brutal murder of a popular face on campus. As secrets come to the surface, bodies begin to pile up, and everyone is a suspect. In the end, the truth will come out, one way or another - and trust me, it’s gonna hurt.”


The Campus

The Campus” is a 3D 3rd Person Slasher Horror game.

“When a freak snowstorm sends Vaughnville University into lockdown just days before Christmas Break, danger too seeks shelter from the frigid cold. Fight or flight, the students that remain must choose to tough out the unforgiving storm or brave the horrors it brought to the campus grounds.”